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Name:The Servant Network
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Community description:A RP Comm set in an AU Fate Universe--Accepting Fate/Non-Fate Characters, OCs & AUs

You may be checking your e-mail or perhaps just browsing through some sites that interest you when you suddenly find that your computer or phone redirects to what appears to be an online journal. At first the journal appears to be just another blog out of the many online, but a closer look will reveal that the journal's owner is a servant like you are--one of the many Heroic Spirits who were released when the Throne of Heroes shattered--and it looks like he is trying to create a network that will allow those servants who wish it to connect with each other to do so. Wouldn't it be wise to join the network so you can be connect to those who are like you?

While those who refuse to join the network will be able to navigate away from the page, they will find that they are redirected to it with increasing frequency until each time they leave they are merely brought back to the page and asked again if they want to join. Once they have joined, their computer, phone or whatever they use to connect to the internet will return to normal...almost.

There will be random times when their computer or phone etc will record and post video of what they are doing to the journal without their permission or knowledge. While these posts will look like normal journal posts, the person will find that they cannot modify, delete or hide the posts in any way.

Currently it seems like most of the trouble your fellow servants are facing comes from adjusting to modern life and dealing with the tricks of the Mage's Association. However, as the world begins to right itself from whatever caused the Shatter in the first place, you never know how that might change.


The Servant Network is a RP community that takes place in an AU version of the Fate Universe in which Saber's destruction of the Grail at the end of the 5th War had the severe unintended consequence of releasing all of the evil and corruption that was inside of the Holy Grail into the world. The evil and corruption eventually infiltrates enough of the world and gains enough sentience and power that not only does it create its own version of a Grail War called Corruption's War, but it also causes the shattering of The Throne of Heroes. The RP takes place after the Great War that happens because of the shattering of The Throne of Heroes and focuses on those servants who survived the war and are trying to settle into living in the modern world. While servants from any part of the Fate Universe are welcome--including AU versions since this is an AU RP--people who would like to play a character who is not in the Fate Universe are also welcome. This includes historical figures who might have been taken into the Throne of Heroes as well as anime characters. Just keep in mind that the character needs to be someone who could have been called to the Throne of Heroes at some point in the past, present or future. Counter Guardians are also welcome in the game. Remember that because the system was corrupted, it is also possible to have characters who don't exactly fit the hero mold like Rider Medusa from the 5th War and Caster Gilles de Rais from the 4th War.

The administrators would like to encourage anyone who believes that their character might be suffering from some kind of mental or physical change as a result of the Shatter or their classes blending to feel free to RP that within reason. For example, Set (Cu Chulainn) basically has a split personality because of the blending in of his Berserker class, while Bazett has lost most of her memories because of the blending of her classes.

This game will allow AUs of currently taken characters as well as original characters. Please contact the administrator if there are any questions about what may or may not be allowed.

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